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In A Nutshell

A cross between the mind-splitting controls of “Brothers: a Tale…” and the arcade gameplay of “Geometry Wars”, with a sprinkle of beat-syncing.  Feels like playing co-op with yourself.

see also: A VERY OLD Greenlight Trailer that shows off a different SoundSet

Fact Sheet

Developer: Cinnoman Games, Switzerland

Genre:  Arcade, True Twin-Stick, Music

Platforms: Windows PC, Nintendo Switch. Other consoles TBD

Release: PC Early Access August 16th  2018; Switch + PC full release Summer 2019

Target Future Platforms:  TBD;

Game Modes: Single-Player: Arcade Mode, Progress Mode; Multiplayer: Local Co-Op

Email: david[at]

Twitter (dev): @CinnomanGames

Twitter (game): @modsork

Blog/Devblog: blog

Facebook: /modsork


MODSORK is a challenging arcade game about controlling two avatars at the same time to keep them alive against relentless waves of grumpy geometric shapes. These avatars can be connected with lasers in order to clothesline the enemies and score. Players will find themselves dying a lot only to tell themselves “just one more try” over and over again.

The game is all about the visceral satisfaction of mastering its ambidextrous controls. For instance, special abilities are not triggered by pressing a button, but by pulling off a cool gesture on the controller.

Many elements are synced to the beat to create a hypnotic experience and the music reacts to gameplay events. Players can select between various styles of music, replacing all the audio in the game with matching sounds.

Request Keys Here: Keymailer

About Cinnoman Games

Cinnoman Games is a one-person studio located near Basel, Switzerland. Before making games, David used to be a legal professional. He worked on cross-platform MMO strategy game Wack-a-Doo for a while and also did audio and game design contract work. MODSORK is his first solo project.

Events, Selections, Prizes

Selections: EGX Leftfield Collection ’15 (UK); Indie Prize Showcase ’16 (NED); Zealous X festival ’16 Finalist, (UK); EFFF Indie Game Contest Finalist ’16, (FR); #SwissGames Delegation to GDC SF 17; Indie Arena Booth Gamescom ’18 (GER), PAX West Rising ’18 (USA)

Other Events: Madrid Games Week (ES), EGX Rezzed (UK), Stunfest (FR)



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MODSORK PC Announce Trailer