02 Apr

Invincibility Update & EGX

Check out the new special ability in this latest Early Access update: Watch your avatars grow bigger and faster and enjoy seeing everything that used to be a threat explode as you bump into it, savoring your temporary invulnerability!

For a detailed list of changes see the announcement on Steam.

Also, I’ll be at EGX Rezzed in London this week, where you can try the game on the Nintendo Switch for the first time, stop by and say hi! (I’m with the Tentacle Collective, on the ground floor near the entrance).

16 Mar

Controller Update

Playstation 4 controller in front of the game screen. The controller's light has the same color as the avatar it controls.
The DS4 lightbar now matches the assigned player color.

Recent work on the Switch version of the game also resulted in new features for MODSORK on PC and a small Early Access update. The controller is at the heart of the game experience, so it made sense to make use of the various devices’ hardware features, like the PS4 controller’s lightbar.

As an ironic anecdote, the excellent XBox One controller’s features like the rumbling triggers are reserved for UWP applications (and thus the Microsoft Store, at least for now). I’m keeping an eye on it, because it would be really great to have per-avatar rumble feedback on the corresponding triggers.

Anyway check out the full update notes on Steam.

03 Aug

Open Alpha Weekend Incoming!

August 4th and 5th you can join the Open Alpha Weekend to take the current build of the game for a spin and in the process help me find bugs and other issues to prepare for the upcoming Early Access launch. It’s too hot to go outside, anyway, let’s make this a crowded alpha! 🙂

You can sign up below to get notified and some more info or you can just check the alpha’s own Steam page tomorrow.

Please note: The game currently requires a game controller to play.

08 May

Selected for Project Support by Pro Helvetia

I’m grateful and proud to announce MODSORK is one of 13 projects selected to receive support by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia! It feels like a validation of all the previous hard work as well as an energizing encouragement for all the hard work that yet remains.

If you have a moment, do check out all the other cool projects that were selected, the diversity of the small Swiss game development scene is inspiring!

Results of Spring 2018 Call for Projects

16 Oct

MODSORK @ Zurich Game Show

Come to Zurich, play MODSORK and help me figure out if the new tutorial makes sense! 🙂 Plenty of Swiss games will be playable alongside international titles in a show that’s laser-focused on gaming.

19 Aug

Are you visiting Gamescom? Stopping by the Business Area? Say hello at the #SwissGames booth (hall 4.1 August 22nd through 24th), try out the latest version of the game and have a go at the high score!
P.S. I hear there will be chocolate, too 😉


01 Apr

MODSORK Morphs into Mobile MMOG

You may have been wondering why the game’s not out yet. I’m happy that I can finally reveal the real reason: I’m modifying MODSORK into a massive multiplayer online game for mobile devices (MODMOBMMOG)!


This will take a moment, but it’s for the best: “This needs online multiplayer if you want it to sell”, an experienced 18-year-old intern at a publisher told me at a game conference last year after he had seen and thoroughly analyzed the game for two minutes. That got me thinking. After all, the game is all about doing things with two hands. Now imagine how much fun it will be when instead of one person with a single pair of hands there’s dozens of players with hundreds of hands controlling the game!

Taking this concept to mobile was just the logical final step because why not. It will be so great, so great, believe me. So please just bear with me a little longer as I make these small changes. After all, the beauty of indie games is their artistic freedom to change course mid-project, right? Thank you for your patience and support! 🙂