14 Feb

An Exciting Week…

This week brings a premiere: MODSORK will be playable at two events at the same time! 🙂 Which is kinda fitting for a game about ambidexterity… I’m off to Amsterdam’s Casual Connect to be part of the Indie Prize Showcase. My friends, the Couch Developers will attend the Central European Game Conference in Vienna and have MODSORK on an extra laptop with them, while I do some cross-promotion for their game Sam, the Sumbot.

Even more excitingly, the game now finally features a special ability I’ve wanted to implement for a long time. I’ll probably write a devblog entry about it soon.

To round things off, I’ll visit the lovely folks at the Screenshake festival in Antwerp, am curious and already looking forward to it. Incidentally, the new ability I implemented comes with its share of screen shake… 😉