28 Aug

MODSORK featured in EGX’s Leftfield Collection!

MODSORK has been selected to feature in UK’s biggest gaming event, the EGX in Birmingham (24-27 Sept)! It’s an honour to be part of EGX’s Leftfield Collection, which according to their website is a selection of “the indie hits of tomorrow”. Whoah…I’m going to try decide on a color for my Lamborghini, then… ;p

18 Aug

A MODSORK Tournament at Switzerlan?

A great LAN-Party is coming up, the Switzerlan in Berne (in, you guessed it, Switzerland). They’ve invited swiss game developers to submit competitive game projects. Now there’s a vote on which ones get picked as a tournament game for the party. You can vote for MODSORK ( and other cool games ) by giving a like to their respective gameplay video here . Much appreciated!

02 Aug

MODSORK is going to Cologne!

Say hi, check out MODSORK, and play the current prototype at the Respawn conference in Cologne on monday and tuesday ( also featured in Respawn’s Treasure Trove). I’ll also try to have it with me at the IndieArena meeting on tuesday  evening as well as at Gamescom and the Big Indie Pitch on wednesday.  🙂