A game about connecting people. With lasers.

Control two buddies at the same time in this beat-synced arcade game. Connect them with lasers in order to clothesline endless waves of frenemies and conquer the leaderboards!

It’s a challenging game that will twist your brain and test your ambidexterity.  But the absence of loading times ensures the next try is only two button presses away…just one more try… 😉

The game has also been described as  “a bit like trying to tap your head and rub your tummy at the same time, but with explosions.



  • hypnotic, adaptive music; frenemies move to the beat and gameplay events influence the mix and special sound effects.
  • various single-player modes
  • 2-player local co-op modes
  • Online Leaderboards


MODSORK is currently on Steam Greenlight Concepts, please follow, vote and comment: